Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How can I get profit?
WILD REST gradually opens new plans, and profit thereunder will reach 0.416% per hour and 280% upon the expiry of 20 days. You can learn current tariff plan in the personal account.
How can I get bonus?
Just sign up on the website.
How can I get registered in the project WILD REST?
Press the button “GET $1 BONUS FOR SIGNING UP”, fill in all fields and press “Registration”
What should I do if I forget password to the personal account?
Press the button “Forgot password”, fill in and send the form to restore password.
Can I open several accounts?
No. One participant can open only one account.
Who can participate in WILD REST?
Any person aged 18.
What should I do if I did not find an answer to my question here?
Contact the Support Service.

Investment Process

What payment systems can I use to make a deposit?
WILD REST accepts Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple.
When will a deposit start working after sending funds to your accounts?
Funds sent using Perfect Money and Payeer are usually credited to the deposit at once, and crypto currencies – immediately upon receipt of confirmations of transfer of a transaction to networks.
What is the minimum deposit in WILD REST?
Perfect Money and Payeer - 20$. Bitcoin - 0.0017 BTC, Ethereum - 0.067 ETH, Litecoin - 0.2 LTC, Ripple - 70 XRP
How many deposits can I make?
You can only have 1 active deposit for each plan at a time.
What is the minimum size for the withdrawal of funds?
For Perfect Money and Payeer – USD 3, for Bitcoin – 0.0008 BTC, for Ethereum – 0.033 ETH, Litecoin – 0.1 LTC, Ripple - 35 XRP.
How long does it take to withdraw funds from the platform?
Requests for withdrawal are processed instant.
Do you charge commission for the withdrawal of funds?
No. WILD REST does not provide for any commissions.

Referral Program

What is your referral program?
WILD REST has a profitable partner program, using which you can get up to 15% of each deposit of participants you invite. Immediately upon registration, you will get 5% from each deposit of participants you invite, and with the increase of the scope of attracted deposits your remuneration will increase by 5%.
Do I have to have my own deposit to participate in the partner program?
Our channel